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From personal training and biomechanics to sports massage PULSE offers clients a complete solution to increase strength, improve fitness and move more freely.



PULSE is owned and operated by Andy Hackney who has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has built up extensive knowledge and experience whilst working with clients whose needs and goals vary significantly. As a personal trainer, intrinsic biomechanics coach and sports massage therapist Andy uses his skills to provide a solution that helps clients to feel stronger, fitter and to move more freely. Andy’s passion is 1-2-1 training with clients working closely with them to provide a bespoke package built around their requirements.

Andy has a passion for 1-2-1 training with clients of all ages and abilities and for helping clients who are new to exercise, looking to get back into exercise or the more serious sports person looking to improve their chosen sport/activity.

Offering a wide range of skills Andy incorporates this wealth of knowledge and expertise into a complete package which is made available to all clients.



PULSE is South Shropshire's longest established personal training studio.

PULSE is a private non-membership facility where clients train on a 1-2-1 basis with Andy in a fully equipped gym.

Clients only pay when they train with no membership fees. Free parking is available.


Have you decided to start a fitness regime but not sure how to begin?

Are you looking to restart a sport/pastime but need to get fit after some years away from activity?

Have you had or are you going to have an operation and need to do pre-hab or rehab exercise?

Are you sitting/driving all day and noticed your posture is getting worse and you’re feeling aches and pains more and more?


Our clients come from all walks of life and have different abilities and skills but have one thing in common. They want to feel fitter be stronger and move more freely.

We also work closely with other health professionals from osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and doctors to compliment their services.

It's not good enough for your training program to only build muscle or burn fat. The best programs also keep you healthy and stave off injuries from happening. Here at PULSE we believe in spending time with clients introducing exercises to reduce the risk of injury as part of their session.


£35.00 per 1-2-1 session 1 hour. Initial consultation £40.00





As an intrinsic biomechanics coach Andy uses a tried and tested system that is specifically designed with preparation for movement, reducing risk and improving performance. This system was previously only available to high level athletes but is now being recognised as the basics for anyone wishing to move more freely, and enhance performance whilst reducing risk of injury.

Would you like help to reduce aches and pains that are caused by sitting/driving all day with one simple shoulder exercise?

Would you like to know whether your muscles are tight or lack movement due to dysfunction?

Do you want to know how we may be able to improve your squat with a 90 second exercise?

With over 40 individual movement screens in our initial consultation we can help you understand how your body is moving and how we may help get you moving more freely.

Are you a health professional who would like to know how our system can help your clients. We already work closely with other health professionals to help their clients train smarter.


If you are a member of, or participate in a team/club sport and would like a demonstration of our system to see how it may benefit you then please contact Andy.


Initial full screen consultation to include over 40 screens, video analysis and exercises 1 hour 30 minutes from £40.00.





As a qualified sports massage therapist Andy can provide a unique offering for clients where personal training, biomechanics and sports massage combined together helps clients move better, feel better and train better.

Sport massage can be used to improve posture for those sitting for long periods whether that is at a desk or driving.

For sports people of all levels sports massage is invaluable either pre or post event or to help range of movement and to recover.

PULSE clients can combine personal training and sports massage in a session or use it along side intrinsic biomechanics.


Massage from £40.00 to £70.00





Developing a strong, resilient midsection will not only enhance performance but also help promote injury resilience, balance and stability.

The term core stability training gets thrown around a lot in the fitness industry and with the general public. There are lots of philosophies about core training and what is the best way to do it….but who do we believe? At PULSE we hope to clear up a lot of this confusion by offering core training that is scientifically sound and day to day effective.

So if you are a sports person looking to improve your training, conditioning, strength, stability and performance then by using a measurable core training program we can help you achieve your goals.

Likewise if you are not a sports person but enjoy an active lifestyle and want to feel stronger then we can help you achieve your goals also.

You may have been advised by your health professional that you need to strengthen your core but do not know where to start, if this is the case then please contact Andy for more details.





"Get down to PULSE Gym, its brilliant, whatever your fitness goals - Andy will help you get it sorted.

One of the benefits of starting from scratch - you can only get better! Out of breath on a flight of stairs and achey knees is not what I planned for. As a GP I am fully aware of the need for fitness, but it had taken a back seat in my busy life.

Its fair to say that turning up at PULSE gym to meet Andy was terrifying but he’s totally understanding of the huge obstacles faced by being 40ish and unfit!

Thanks to Andy’s guidance, no nonsense, gimmick free approach I have taken part in sprint triathlons, joined a run club, cycled several hundred miles around Germany and can now claim to be a skier and a mountain biker - quite amazing for someone who found stairs a challenge - well done Andy!!"

Doctor A C Craven Arms

"I started training with Andy at PULSE in November 2009 at the age of 47 – I’d decided to run the London Marathon the following April to raise funds for my charity. But with Andy’s help I realised that my goal wasn’t just to run, but to improve my overall strength and fitness, not to go on a diet, but to improve my diet and not just to run one marathon but to take on many challenges. Three London Marathons, many Half Marathons, 10k’s and even a tri-athlon later and I feel so much better.

Training at PULSE has been life changing and over 6 years later I still train once a week at PULSE, go spinning and swimming and – yes, still run!"

J M Ludlow

"I used to keep fit when I was younger but the years, as well as the weight piled on due to working long hours in the office. Back and joint aches were becoming a frequent issue, and lasting longer and longer.

Andy was recommended to me 4 years ago and I have never looked back. I am much stronger and fitter. I was not interested in becoming an athlete, I simply wanted to 'feel better' and I certainly do."

M A Ashford Carbonel

"I met Andy about 5 (?) years ago when he was calling around local businesses to promote his new gym. My ears pricked up when he mentioned posture. At that time I was sitting at a desk in front of a computer for 8-9 hours a day and I could see myself becoming more stooped and round shouldered and also suffering back pain and stiffness. Andy has helped me work on my core strength using weights and resistance training which has improved my posture and prevented problems with my back. Being a woman of a certain age there are often niggles affecting various parts of my body but Andy always comes up with a way to train and I always go home feeling so much better than when I arrive! I’m not aiming to be a super fit athlete but whether I am going skiing, sailing or hiking, Andy gently encourages and sets exercises suitable for those activities. I’ve hardly missed a week in all the years I have been going to PULSE which must be testimony in itself to how highly I rate my sessions there!"

J F Tenbury



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